How Do You Locate a Homeowner?

How Do You Locate a Homeowner?

Locate a homeowner by visiting the property tax assessor's office or asking a real estate agent for the homeowner's contact information. You can also ask the neighbors or search the property title in public records.

The local property assessor has information about the registered owner of a house. Homeowners must pay taxes, and tax records at the assessor's office include the name of the owner.

Real estate agents are also good sources for homeowners' contact information. However, some agents may be reluctant to give the information because they might feel that they will lose a sale when the individual negotiates with the property owner. Other agents may feel that giving out the owner's information is a breach of privacy.

Neighbors can be another valuable source of a property owner's information. Target the neighbors who have lived in the area for a long time, because they may have interacted with the homeowner and know how and where to find him.

County governments keep records of the sale and purchase of properties. The records are available to the public and are up to date. Some of the documents that can help you track the homeowner through the county government are a bill of sale, an assignment of lease and a mortgage agreement.