How Do You Locate a Homeopathic Doctor?


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As of November 2015, locate a homeopathic doctor by using the practitioner directory at HomeopathyCenter.org. You can search by state, ZIP code and other criteria, such as whether or not they treat clients remotely. On the home page for HomeopathyCenter.org, click the Find a Homeopath tab and then click Search the Practitioner Directory.

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To search by proximity, enter a ZIP code and the radius you want to search in miles or kilometers in the form below the Proximity Search header. Click the blue Search button to proceed.

Another option is searching by exact match. Below the Exact Match Search header, fill in the fields for Professional Category, Practitioner, City, State and Country, and click the blue Search button. To filter your results further, click the Consultations by Phone, Consultations Online or the Animal Consultations dropdown menus, and click Yes or Any. If your search yields zero results, use the exact match feature to see a full list by state.

The National Center for Homeopathy practitioner directory at HomeopathyCenter.org is the largest online directory of homeopaths in the United States. Only professional members of NCH are listed in the directory, but the NCH does not endorse any of the doctors listed and has not vetted them in any way. All practitioners listed in the directory are self-identified.

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