How Do You Locate and Download PA Tax Forms?


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Tax forms for the state of Pennsylvania are available for download on the official website of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. Forms available include personal income tax forms, forms for businesses and other forms for various tax procedures.

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For the tax year of 2014, forms and worksheets are available to estimate personal income tax and estate and trust tax. A personal income tax guide assists taxpayers in how to find assistance in completing forms, how to maintain security while doing taxes, personal requirements, when to file, how to calculate interest and dividends and other tax details. Forms for businesses include those for business registration, corporate taxes, employee withholding, motor and alternative fuel taxes and other taxes for specific businesses. Besides the forms, various types of assistance are available, such as an online customer service center, phone numbers to various departments of the revenue office, a link to tax counseling for the elderly and information about which office to contact for special questions.

Besides the forms that can be downloaded and mailed, the PA Department of Revenue website has links for individuals or businesses to e-file taxes directly online. Taxpayers can also request tax forms online that are sent to them by surface mail. Alternatively, the site has phone numbers that taxpayers can call to have tax forms faxed or sent by surface mail.

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