How Do You Locate a Dentist Who Takes UnitedHealthcare?

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As of 2015, a list of dentists who accept United Healthcare insurance is available online at, according to UnitedHealthcare. The search is available whether the user is a registered member or not.

Registered members may sign in with a valid username and password and then click on the Find a Dentist link located on the right side of the home page under the Links and Tools heading. Users who are not registered may set up an online account or click on the Find a Dentist link from the home page, notes UnitedHealthcare.

On the Find a Dentist webpage, select the correct state or territory to search by clicking on the drop down menu located to the right of the Where Do You Work or Live? prompt, instructs UnitedHealthcare. Unregistered users are prompted to select a network and must click on the drop down menu located next to the Select a Network prompt to locate the right medical network.

Search by location, dentist name or practice name by clicking the corresponding button next to the Search for Dentist prompt, explains UnitedHealthcare. After selecting the dentist search criteria, narrow the search further by choosing from the list of dental specialties, provider features and languages spoken. Specialties include orthodontist, pediatric dentist, oral surgeon and endodontist, among others. Provider features include handicap accessible, accepting new patients and weekend hours.