How Do You Locate Coupons for the Grove City Outlet?

How Do You Locate Coupons for the Grove City Outlet?

Shoppers can find coupons for the Grove City Outlets by joining the VIP Lounge on the Simon Premium Outlets website, according to the site. Members of the VIP Shopper Club receive coupons through email, a voucher for the coupon book, insider information, deals for other stores and emails with sale and special events information.

To locate coupons for the Grove City Premium Outlets:

  1. Visit the company website
  2. Go to the home page of the Simon Premium Outlets website.

  3. Click on "VIP Club"
  4. Click on the "VIP Club" link on the navigation banner.

  5. Join the club
  6. Click the "Join Now" link to become a member of the VIP Shopper Club. Complete all necessary information to join the club, including email address, club password, first and last name, address, age, gender and preferred outlet centers, among other necessary information, states the website.

  7. Confirm email
  8. After completing the online form, confirm the email address by following the link on the verification email.

  9. Access coupons
  10. Once registration is complete, members can view available coupons by logging into the site. Members can then print coupons, as well as the coupon book voucher, from the site. Present these coupons to the participating stores to redeem. The VIP Coupon Book is available at the Information Center.