How Do You Locate the Company Who Supplies Your Electricty?


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To locate the company that supplies your electricity, contact local government or municipal buildings, as well as any electric companies in your area. Another option is to use pubic records to narrow down which company services your area.

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How Do You Locate the Company Who Supplies Your Electricty?
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Your local municipal building or city hall has information about which electric companies service the city. Most cities only have one electric company, and it is usually owned by the local government. Another option is to visit the public service or utilities commission website for your state to obtain a utility map by region, county or community. This is possible because it is a tax-funded agency. Either fill out an information request online, or call to get the phone number of the electricity companies in your state.

Find the name of local electric companies in the yellow pages of the phone book or an online yellow pages site. If there are multiple companies, call the customer service departments for each to find the right provider. Some cities or states, such as larger metropolitan areas in Texas, give residents the opportunity to choose their own electric company from a few available in each region. If your city does this, find the best rate to suit your needs.

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