How Do You Locate Companies Looking for Electrical Apprentices?

How Do You Locate Companies Looking for Electrical Apprentices?

Locate companies looking for electrical apprentices by searching on job posting sites such as, or, as of 2015. Some states also operate official apprenticeship oversight organizations that create standards for the positions within fields such as electrical engineering, offering apprenticeship job information on their websites.

Monster features a section that focuses specifically on electrical apprenticeship positions, offering a brief overview of the requirements and responsibilities of such an apprenticeship program, along with current listings from employers. The site allows you to choose from popular major cities and states or conduct a search within a specific location.

Indeed does not have a dedicated apprenticeship section, but the site does offer a keyword search tool to locate open listings with the relevant terms in the body or title of the post. It also contains filtering options to view positions according to the salary range or all current job offerings from a single employer.

CareerBuilder offers a similar set of search tools to locate electrical apprenticeship or journeyman positions across different locations. It presents its filtering options in a list format that displays the number of open jobs matching that category.

To locate apprenticeship positions through a state apprentice program or organization, navigate to the website for the state in question, and locate the page for the electrical trade to find listings. Some states may also publish this information on the official career or job board section of their official websites as well.