How Do You Locate a Comfortable Rental Home?


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To find a comfortable rental home, list down your desired features, such as a patio, fireplace or spacious bathroom, and examine the locations where you spend most of your time. Discover available rentals in those areas by using online sites, such as PadMapper, which plots rental listings from other sites onto a map, recommends HGTV.

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Visit your prospective neighborhood for a day to experience the environment; the type of people living in the area; and the availability of transportation, nearby schools for your children if any, grocery stores and other important services, suggests HGTV. Find out if your chosen rental home is conveniently located near restaurants, hospitals, fitness centers, churches and other places that are important to you.

Determine the rental type that meets your needs and budget after identifying your desired features, amenities and nearby services, advises HGTV. A townhouse offers more privacy, while an apartment in a high-rise building usually provides closer access to services in an urban area. A single-family home is suitable for a family with children and pets.

Research the crime incidences and noise complaints in your prospective neighborhood to decide on considerations such as renting in a building with 24-hour security, notes HGTV. After choosing a rental property, provide the necessary documents and fees to apply as a tenant, and negotiate lease terms and conditions, such as a lower parking fee or free cable television.

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