How Do You Locate a Cirrus ATM Machine?

One simple method of locating an ATM machine that accepts Cirrus cards would be to use the ATM machine search tool on the MasterCard website, Cirrus is a brand of global interbank network that is owned and operated by MasterCard worldwide, notes Bloomberg.

The following shows how to locate an ATM machine that accepts Cirrus cards via the ATM search tool on the MasterCard website:

  1. Navigate to the Consumer page
  2. Use a web browser to visit the MasterCard website. Click on the "Consumers" tab below the top menu and the banner on the home page.

  3. Click on Find an ATM
  4. On the Consumers page, scroll down the page to find the Find an ATM icon. Alternatively, mouse over the "Get Support" option tab on the far right of the Consumers tab to display the sub menu. Click on Locate an ATM on the sub menu.

  5. Start searching
  6. Enter the parameters for the search on the search tool including the country, ZIP code or address and the search radius.