How Do You Locate Alabama Hunting Land for Lease?


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Locate hunting land for lease in Alabama through AFOA.org, WeyerhaeuserHuntingLands.com, SoterraLLC.com or TheSouthernLandBrokers.com, as of 2015. Each site offers tools to search available listings in the state and to view details about the total acreage available, leasing costs and restrictions.

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AFOA.org is the official website of the Alabama Forest Owners' Association, which oversees the lease of forest land in the state. It has a section for listings of hunting land open for lease, and each entry includes the county where the land is located, the total acreage available, and the lease price in an annual or per acre rate. Some listings also include details about property amenities, such as cabins or camping grounds.

WeyerhaeuserHuntingLands.com features recreational property leases in Alabama and some surrounding states. All land plots appear on a map of the region, with red borders designating currently leased land and green borders demarcating land with open leases. Users must contact the company to discuss the process and prices for leasing the land.

SoterraLLC.com offers a search tool for users to browse all open leases in its catalog of properties, which includes other types of land in addition to hunting areas. Results include information about the official use of the area and contact information for additional details.

TheSouthernLandBrokers.com contains a search tool for hunting and other outdoor land leases, with a drop-down menu listing specific counties in Alabama.

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