How Do You Find a Local Silver Buyer?

How Do You Find a Local Silver Buyer?

People can find a local silver buyer by checking out pawnshops, recycling businesses, jewelers and coin dealers, as noted on These businesses are all likely to purchase precious metals in some form.

Silver is a valued precious metal that many people may have lying around in their homes. It is also possible to find pre-1964 coins with a high silver content in circulation that silver buyers may pay up to 25 times the face value to purchase.

There are many local businesses that may purchase silver from individual sellers, notes Silver jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces, may be tempting to local jewelry shops. Look for those that have been open for a number of years and have a good reputation.

Pawnshops are another good choice to sell a number of silver items, from scrap to jewelry. However, the pawnshop may not be in the business of buying silver as a precious metal. The owner might prefer to lend a much smaller amount on a nice set of jewelry or silver utensils rather than make an outright purchase.

Some recycling companies buy silver, so check around. The catch is that they may want larger quantities of silver per transaction than the average person has on hand. Coin dealers also buy silver coins and may be the best choice to get a good price on pre-1964 coins.