How Do You Find a Local Scentsy Consultant?

To find a local Scentsy consultant, click the Find a Consultant tab in the upper right corner of the home page. Enter your search criteria in the fields, and click the Search button. The nearest Scentsy consultants appear in a list format in the box.

The fields in the drop-down box include street address, city, country, state and ZIP/postal code. All fields are marked as required when searching for a consultant. This allows the website to return the closest options. If you don't enter all fields, the Scentsy website does not return results until you complete the blank fields.

Another search option is to look for a specific consultant by name. This option works if you have a Scentsy consultant's name and want to purchase items from the person. When you click Find a Consultant, the default search option is by location. If you want to search by a name, click the Name tab at the top of the search box. This search option requires you to enter the consultant's first name, last name and country before clicking the Search button.

When you choose a Scentsy consultant's name from the list, the website redirects you to the consultant's personal page where you can order products. The consultant's name appears in the upper right corner along with a brief bio about the consultant. The page also features a Contact Me link so you can get in touch with the consultant.