How Do You Find Local Energy Suppliers?

How Do You Find Local Energy Suppliers?

Many city websites provide information on local energy suppliers or link to the suppliers' websites. Go to your city's official government website to search for a utilities page. You can also visit your state government's website for to see what energy providers are in your area.

To find a list of energy providers in St. Louis, Missouri, go to the city website, scroll down the home page and click on the Transportation, Infrastructure, and Utilities link. Next, click on the Electric, Gas, Sewer, and Utilities link to view providers. The website provides a list of both public departments and external providers.

Find energy providers for the City of Hartford, Connecticut, by going to the city home page, going the Residents drop-down menu at the top of the page and clicking on the City Services Directory link. Next, scroll down the list of services and click on the Utilities menu. The menu pulls up links to city energy suppliers.

For the City of Orlando, Florida, click on the Residents tab, scroll down, and click on Area Agencies and then scroll down to the utilities category.

The State of Connecticut provides an online list of energy providers in the state, including their approval statuses.