What Are the Local and City Taxes in Paris?


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Paris residents must pay property taxes, residency tax, garbage collection tax and street cleaning tax. Visitors to Paris must pay a city tax, which is charged on all accommodation in the city.

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All property owners in France must pay a tax called the "taxe fronciere," which is a property tax charged to homeowners. Residents must also pay a kind of tax called the "taxe d'habitation," even if they rent the property. Owners who occupy their homes must pay both taxes. These taxes are charged annually.

Residents must also pay taxes for local services. Cleaning taxes are based on the street specifications, while garbage taxes are based on property values.

Tourists are not exempt from local taxes in Paris. The city also charges a tourist tax known as the city tax on campgrounds, hotels and vacation rentals. The tax applies to each guest over 13 years old and is charged at a daily rate. The tax ranges from 20 Euro cents to 1.50 Euros. The amount depends on the type of accommodation offered. Basic accommodations are taxed at lower rates, while high-end hotel rooms are taxed at the top rate. Most other major European cities also charge similar taxes on hotel rooms.

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