How Do You Find Local Apartments for Students?


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You can find local apartments as a student by checking with your university, according to USA Today. Other options include looking through advertisement websites or websites specifically for student housing.

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Your university is a great resource for finding student housing, explains USA Today. A good place to start is checking your university website. Colleges often have student resources available, including assistance with finding housing. The school might either have a listing of people in the area who rent rooms to college students or other resources for finding affordable off-campus housing.

Another good option is looking at websites dedicated to housing for students, notes CollegeStudentApartments.com. This type of resource is helpful because you know that the apartments and complexes listed are both affordable and likely close to colleges and universities in the area. CollegeStudentApartments.com allows you to search by location or university. If you search by university, all resorts are within walking distance or a short drive.

A third step is to check general advertisement sites such as Craigslist. Check the apartments or rooms for rent section after choosing your location. You can filter the results by the pricing or amenities, or use keywords such as “affordable” and “student.” These sites are often the best because they have large amounts of listings for browsing.

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