What Does Loblaws' Mypaystub Service Provide?

Loblaw's Mypaystub service provides the information on pay statements for an employee working with Loblaw. This service enables the employee to receive all pay statements online after registering for it. The information includes a statement of earnings, date on which the pay is deposited in the bank, pay ending date, employee number, location at which employee is working and the position which the employee is handling.

The service is accessed at the mypaystub website after the individual takes a position at Loblaw. The company provides a user name and password, which may be changed later by the employee. The service provides information on how the total amount the employee receives is categorized into regular earning, shift premium, Sunday premium, overtime earning and statutory holiday earning. There is information on the deductions made from the total salary, as well. The deductions are usually made on account of federal tax, employment insurance, union dues, dues assessment and C.P.P.

The website maintains all the payment information from the start of the employment and is seen on the home page of the website after logging in. All the companies under Loblaw offer this service at www.mypaystub.com. This service offers paper-free pay statements and creates less hassle for the employee.