How Do You Load a Staple Gun?

To load a staple gun, press the latch on the back of the gun and load the tray with staples, sliding it back in when you are finished. You will need safety glasses and the correct size of staples. Loading the staple gun will take less than five minutes.

  1. Observe safety precautions

    Staples from staple guns are capable of penetrating masonry and other hard surfaces. Make sure electric staple guns are unplugged and the gun is pointed away from you as you change the staples. Keep your fingers away from the trigger and wear safety glasses.

  2. Open the latch

    Press down on the latch at the back of the staple gun until the staple tray can be removed.

  3. Remove the tray and old staples

    Slide the tray out of the gun until it is fully extended. Check the tray for any old staples. Remove them to make room for the new cartridge.

  4. Load the staples

    Load the staples into the tray, making sure that they are seated level with the carriage.

  5. Replace the tray

    Slide the tray back into the staple gun. Once the tray has slid all the way into the gun, the staple carriage makes a clicking sound as it locks. This signifies that the staple gun is ready for use.