How Do You Get an LLC?

How Do You Get an LLC?

Forming an LLC is usually done through the secretary of state's office of your state by filing the required documents, filling out the state forms and paying the required fees and taxes. In some states, the party listed as a member of the LLC must publish a notice in the newspaper.

  1. Choose at least one name for the company

    Choose a name for the business that can be used for taxation and other official purposes. This name must be different from other LLC names in the state of organization. It must also indicate the company's status as an LLC and cannot use restricted words such as "insurance" or "securities." Another name, known as the fictitious name, may also be used and is subject to fewer restrictions.

  2. File articles of organization with the state

    In most states, new LLCs must be registered in the office of the secretary of state. Some states require LLCs to register with consumer protection agencies or special bureaus set up for the purpose of regulating small businesses. A fee may be due at the time of registration.

  3. Acquire necessary licenses and permits

    Depending on federal, state and local regulations, you may need to obtain certain permits, licenses and registrations before doing business. Search for regulations applicable to your industry, and follow the required steps to obtain the necessary permits, licenses and registrations.

  4. Publish an announcement

    Some states, such as New York, require the founders of new LLCs to publish a public announcement in a paper of general circulation for a set period of time. Proof of publication is usually required before the process is complete.