How Do You Find Live Stock Quotes?

How Do You Find Live Stock Quotes?

View live stock quotes by navigating to a website offering live quotes, such as NASDAQ. NASDAQ shows the live price of quotes in real time, according to the website. This allows investors to get up-to-the-minute information when making trading decisions.

To find live quotes on NASDAQ:

  1. Navigate to the website
  2. Find real-time quotes on NASDAQ by hovering over the Quotes tab from along the tabs on the top of the site's home page, and then selecting Real Time Quotes from the drop-down menu under Stock quotes. This pulls up a Real Time Quotes page with a box for entering the selected stock symbols and searching for instant quotes in real time, notes NASDAQ.

  3. Enter specific stock symbols
  4. Enter specific stock symbols into the Real Time Quotes box to get the price of the stock in real time. Enter up to 25 stock symbols at one time. Separate the stock symbols by spaces or quotes to get the most accurate results. Click Go to start the Real Time quotes process.

  5. Look up stock symbols
  6. Look up stock symbols for specific stocks if the symbol is unknown by clicking the Symbol Lookup link, according to NASDAQ. The symbol is located right above the data entry box on the Real Time Quotes page.