How Do You Live Frugally?

live-frugally Credit: Annie Engel/Getty Images

Living frugally requires dedication, examination and changes in lifestyle. People wanting to live a more frugal lifestyle should take a close look at where they can reduce their expenditures and adopt new practices, such as utilizing coupons or taking the extra time to shop for the best deals on their next vacation with discount sites.

Lifehack recommends growing food as another way to cut down on costs because produce prices continue to rise. Cancelling cable can be a huge money saver, and people can still watch television by subscribing to low-cost streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix or watching shows on network websites for free. The library is a resource for entertainment that often goes overlooked. Many libraries have a wide assortment of DVDs and other media.

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to save money as well. Shoppers may be surprised by what they find at thrift stores when they take the time to go through the racks. People donate good quality clothes that can be purchased for a fraction of the original retail price. Dining out is also a huge expense that adds up quickly. Cooking meals at home and taking leftovers into work cuts back on this expense.