What Is a Live-in Caretaker?


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A live-in caretaker provides companionship, personal care, nursing services, assistance with day-to-day activities and similar duties normally performed by home health care workers. Caretakers might also shop for clients, prepare meals and offer transportation assistance. Live-in caretakers either live directly beside their clients or inside the client's home.

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Live-in caretakers are often hired as an alternative to nursing homes and assisted living. They provide both 24-hour care for clients, and often work in teams if they live next to clients. Whether the caretaker lives inside of the client's home or next to the client depends on the level of care the client needs. Individuals who require a great deal of help often hire caretakers who maintain a separate residence next to them.

While there often aren't specific education requirements for becoming a live-in caretaker or personal care aide, most have at least a high school diploma. Depending on the state, the caretaker could be required to complete a training program or receive a formal education. Caretaker programs are often available at vocational schools, community colleges and elder care programs, as well as through home health care agencies. Caretakers often receive on-the-job training from personal care aides, their employers or a registered nurse.

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