How Do You Find Listings for Travel Jobs for Seniors?

Travel jobs for seniors are posted on the website, which specializes in seasonal work at travel destinations in the United States. The company refers to mature workers as "older and bolder" and recommends jobs geared to seniors wanting to explore new places while working to help pay for the experience. Accommodations, pay and job responsibilities vary widely, with many positions available in national parks and wilderness resorts.

As of 2015, travel jobs for seniors posted on range from customer service jobs in ski resorts to warehouse positions with nearby RV accommodations. Many seasonal jobs are available in states such as Alaska, Colorado, Montana and South Dakota, centering on nature and outdoor activity resorts. Jobs in national parks such as Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Park are numerous, with positions available in stores, restaurants, lodges and cultural centers.

An example of a travel job for seniors is working with Yellowstone General Stores. Positions include retail, management, food service, warehouse, housekeeping and deli service. Seasonal employees with RVs can live in the park at greatly reduced weekly rates, and three meals a day are provided for a low flat rate. Other employment possibilities at Yellowstone National Park include instructor jobs conducting private tours and classes in the park, and jobs at the various lodges, working as drivers, recreation and dock staff, reservations and front desk clerks, and laundry personnel.