How to Do You List Your Time As a Stay-at-Home Mom on a Resume?


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When listing your time as a stay-at-home mom on a resume, you are usually better off organizing your job history chronologically rather than trying to conceal a time gap. You should, however, list volunteer work, businesses you started, continuing education and other relevant information.

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  1. List volunteer jobs as work experience

    Describe your volunteer work like you would a paid job. Explain what you did, your successes and achievements. You do need to include that the work was volunteer.

  2. Highlight freelance or contract work

    List freelance or contract work like you would a traditional job. If you started your own business, no matter how minor, you should probably list it too. Also include any continuing education or training classes you have taken. If you are a member of any professional associations, list that.

  3. List your work experience chronologically

    Putting your job history in sequential order does expose a time gap, but it presents the issue up front and bluntly. Many employers are wary of resumes that are not arranged chronologically. Use your cover letter to explain the time gap and to describe valuable skills you acquired during the period. Make your resume clear and easy to read. Avoid trying to be cute or funny when listing your time as a stay-at-home mother.

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