How Do You Find a List of Which Stocks Are Performing Well?

How Do You Find a List of Which Stocks Are Performing Well?

A list of 10 stocks that have performed well for the day can be found on the Barchart website, along with the list of the 10 worst performing stocks of the day. On the same page where the top and worst performing stocks are listed is a search tool that can be used to look for the performance of a particular stock, as well as historical charts that show the performance of the stocks listed for the past month, notes Barchart.

The following shows how to find the list of stocks that are performing well on the Barchart website.

  1. Proceed to the website
  2. Go to the Barchart website. While the landing page may not yet display the list, one can browse over the performances of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S & P 500 and NASDAQ indices, suggests Barchart.

  3. Navigate to the list page
  4. This can be done by clicking on "Stock" right beside the "Home" tab on the menu bar. When a submenu appears, select and click "Hot Stocks." After clicking on "Hot Stocks," the list of the 10 top performing stocks, as well as the worst 10 performing stocks, will be displayed.

  5. Locating other stocks and viewing stock performance history
  6. To view a particular stock that is not displayed on the list, enter the stock's ticker symbol in the search field on the left hand panel. To view stock performance history, click on the charts at the right-hand panel.