How Do You List References on a Resume?


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While a candidate should not list references on his actual resume, he can attach a separate job reference page on the second page of the resume document. This page should maintain the same style as the rest of the resume to blend in seamlessly.

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Often, career advice professionals tell candidates to add the line "references available upon request." However, job applications often require a portion for references or a hiring manager will want to see them, so a candidate can skip putting this on a resume. It's somewhat outdated and could harm the overall presentation of the resume.

Instead, the candidate should focus more on the job reference page. Include the same letterhead as the resume to maintain the style. Be sure to include relevant information for each reference, including their full first and last name, the name of their workplace, their job at that workplace, the address of the workplace, their work or personal phone number and their work email address. By including how the reference knows the candidate, the hiring manager doesn't have to guess. Including what background or skills that the reference can discuss about in detail for the candidate also helps.

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