How Do You List Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses at Work?

Many companies prefer their employees to discuss their strengths and weaknesses at work. There are many ways in which one can list their strengths without seeming cocky and list their weaknesses without being perceived as dispensable. It is critical to remember the primary purpose of the exercise, which is to demonstrate that one consistently evaluates their merits and faults in order to improve performance.

When asked to list weaknesses, it is unwise for an employee to leave the question blank or answer that he has no weaknesses. According to, employees should list skills that were previously unpolished and show the steps that have been taken to improve in that direction. Another option is to list weaknesses that are unrelated to your job duties. For example, a person who edits copy for a living could list they are not skilled in accounting or managing money.

Listing strengths is equally difficult, as many people are naturally shy when it comes to bragging about their skills. The most important consideration is ensuring that the strengths listed correlate to the specific job duties for which an employee is responsible. Employees should list positive traits that demonstrate knowledge in a nuanced area or list personality traits that are considered the best for the position sought. Employees should celebrate past successes at work and be sure to mention the amount of dedication put into the project, rather than natural talent.