What Is a List of Some Doctors Who Were Fired Due to Malpractice?


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Some doctors fired due to malpractice include Dr. Tiffany Ingham, an anesthesiologist who was recorded making disparaging remarks about a patient and falsifying medical records regarding a colonoscopy, and Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who had his medical license revoked after killing two patients and paralyzing four more. Dr. Aria Sabit was also fired due to malpractice when he performed unnecessary procedures in order to use Apex Medical Technology equipment, a company that he partly owned and profited from.

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When searching for a doctor or hospital, thoroughly vet them by looking into their past to see if they have any malpractice suits against them. This can be done by consulting the Federation of State Medical Boards, which has compiled a database of disciplinary action against medical professionals, or the State Medical Boards, many of which have searchable databases that reveal the same information. Checking court records at the county courthouse also shows whether a doctor has had lawsuits filed against them and, if the records are not confidential, they can be copied for a small fee. When investigating hospitals, consult the State Department of Health Services, which keeps track of any complaints filed against the hospital as a whole, be it for unsafe conditions or improper medical care.

Doctors can acquire malpractice suits for a number of reasons, including drug errors and misdiagnosis. The performance of unnecessary procedures, prescribing inappropriate treatments, discharging a patient prematurely and failing to complete discharge instructions are other reasons for malpractice suits.

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