How Do You List Your Car for Sale at Want Ad Digest?


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List a car for sale through the Want Ad Digest publication or website by visiting WantAdDigest.com, creating an account and choosing from its listing of available ad rates, as of 2015. Each rate tier offers different features and run times, though all include the ability to post both text and pictures with the listing.

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The first step to selling your car through Want Ad Digest is creating a free account with the site. The account registration process asks you to provide your name, contact phone number, email address and billing address and to accept the company's terms of service. After registering, click on the Place Ad link in the main navigation bar and follow the on-screen prompts to select a placement plan, upload any photos, write the body of the ad and include pricing details.

Want Ad Digest offers multiple placement tiers, starting with a limited free option and moving upwards in price to provide additional pictures, promotion features and run time. Once you choose the tier that suites your needs, make sure you have several clear, high-resolution pictures of the car that accurately display its appearance and condition. The text of the ad should include its make, model and year along with any special features or aftermarket enhancements. It should also mention any damage or issues present, such as scratches in the paint or faulty engine parts.

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