How Do You List Accounting Skills on a Resume?


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List accounting skills on a resume by listing all relevant educational training in accounting, such as courses on financial accounting or taxation, as well as any official certifications. Also include descriptions of specific tasks and responsibilities at your past jobs in addition to any other experience with financial tools.

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The first area to focus on when listing accounting skills on a resume is your educational experience, as it demonstrates your overall familiarity with accounting concepts to your potential employer. One way to do this is to list your relevant courses in your educational summary, though another approach is to create a separate section that lists relevant classes along with any accounting or leadership experience from clubs or school activities. List your familiarity with any tools you may use in the position for which you are applying, such as spreadsheets, payroll software and similar programs.

In the section for your past work experience, organize your skills and responsibilities to highlight your experience with accounting tasks. Mention any relevant responsibilities from those positions, such as reviewing sales numbers or filing tax documents. Also, tailor any other work experience to highlight aspects relevant to accounting and finance, such as working as a cashier. Avoid listing any jobs that have no relevance to accounting unless they highlight a different applicable skill or qualification.

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