What Is a List of the 50 States by Tax Rate?


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Listings of the 50 states by tax rate is available at TaxAdmin.org. On the left side of the homepage, users can click Tax Rates to view charts organized into three groups: State Income Tax, State Sales Tax and State Excise Tax.

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When viewing the charts of tax rate by state, there are several different options available. Within the State Income Tax section, users can view individual income tax rates and corporate tax rates. In the State Sales Tax section, users can view statistics on food and drug exemptions, vendor discounts, local sales tax rates, and sales tax holidays. In the State Excise Tax section, users can view statistics on various motor fuel tax rates and a summary of state laws. Alternatively, users interested in the total amount each state pays in sales tax, income tax, property tax, license tax, and other taxes can search for "State Tax" on the United States Census Bureau website at Census.gov.

Another option is to visit RetirementLiving.com. On the left hand side of the home page, users can click Taxes by State, which allows them to view a full map of the United States. Selecting a state brings up relevant tax information for that area.

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