How Do You Get Linux Server Support?


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Major distributions, such as Ubuntu and Red Hat, offer paid support services for their Linux-based distributions and software. Open source projects, including Linux distributions, often provide official online forums and other resources to help track bugs and provide help users.

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Linux is an operating system kernel, so Linux distributions need to add a number of other components to create a working operating system. Ubuntu releases their distribution for free but makes money by providing commercial support. A majority of enterprise Linux installations run Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and companies pay for service contracts to download and use the distribution.

Although Red Hat is primarily concerned with large enterprise clients, third-party individuals and companies also provide support for various Linux distributions. These service providers are good for companies that use CentOS, a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and that can't afford Red Hat's service costs.

Companies that use Debian, which is developed by a nonprofit group, must turn to a third-party group for in-person support since Debian doesn't sell support. Like many open source projects, however, Debian also has a thriving online community that provides support for individuals and companies at no charge. Although these forums provide no guarantees, active developers often work with users who have trouble in order to help uncover problems with the operating system.

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