What Are the Limitations of an E-Business?

limitations-e-business Credit: Scott Olson / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Some of the limitations of an e-business include technological dependence and minimal consumer interaction. Many consumers enjoy the thrill of shopping inside a store and being able to touch, see, smell and taste items of their choice, but an e-business blocks sensory consumer interactions. An e-business’s heavy dependence on technology poses the threat of sudden technical difficulties that can hinder business flow at any time.

E-businesses may experience both technical and non-technical limitations. According to the "Houston Chronicle," online security threats remain a major risk factor for all e-businesses. The level of vulnerability for e-businesses poses possible security risks to the company and its customers around the clock. If a technical problem occurs and a website server malfunctions, consumers who are looking for products may choose to go into a local store instead of waiting. It is crucial for e-businesses to maintain their websites and necessary technologies to ensure that technical difficulties do not occur, and when they do occur, that they are fixed promptly. Some customers feel that e-businesses are less personal and riskier than other types of businesses, which can also limit the consumer base of an e-business. Consumers who are not computer savvy or lack access to the Internet may avoid shopping with e-businesses altogether. As technology improves, some of the limitations that e-businesses face will dwindle.