What Is Lilly TruAssist Patient Assistance?


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Lilly TruAssist is a patient assistance program that helps provide Lilly medications to consumers who are unable to afford to purchase the medications on their own. This can include prescriptions for mental health, heart disease, oncology and diabetes medication. Consumers can contact Lilly TruAssist at 1-855-559-8783.

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The Lilly TruAssist patient assistance program actually encompasses multiple different programs that are designed to help consumers in specific circumstances. For example, the Lilly Cares program is designed for uninsured patients who cannot afford prescription medications. Lilly Cares provides these patients with free Lilly medications through the patient's primary care doctor.

The LillyMedicareAnswers program provides those with Medicare Part D the ability to receive free Lilly medications that are outside of the Part D prescription coverage. The FORTEO Connect program is designed to provide individual support for injection training and insurance investigation, whereas the FORTERO Patient Assistance Program gives Fortero to non-Medicare patients at no charge. PatientOne is for assistance with oncology products manufactured by Lilly. The Humatrop Patient Reimbursement Program provides free Humatrop for patients without Medicare.

Lilly TruAssist also partners with other organizations to help provide low- to no-cost medications for those who cannot afford them. These partnerships are a part of the Lilly Alliance Programs and include the Partnership for Prescription Assistance and Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation, Inc.

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