What Is It Like Working for Edwards Theater?


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Employees of Edwards Theater say that the most positive aspects of working for the company include a fun environment, easy work, and discounts on movie tickets and concessions. The most widely reported negative aspects of working for the Edwards Theater include difficult customers, long stretches of time spent standing and too few hours available. The job generally pays minimum wage without benefits at entry level. Primary duties include customer service, sales and cleaning.

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Most employee reviews posted on sites such as Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com report this to be a good first job for someone with little or no experience. The emphasis on customer service indicates that much of the day-to-day experience of working for the company may depend on customers' moods. Outside of that, the company emphasizes its intent to provide a fun work environment, and reviews mention contests and games focusing on sales at the concession stand, with prizes such as free movie tickets to the winner. Employees get a 50 percent discount for themselves as well as for friends and family.

However, like many minimum wage jobs, there are very few full-time positions available. The vast majority of jobs are part-time only, and hours depend upon the need and the season.

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