What Is It Like to Retire in Ecuador?


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Retirement in Ecuador offers the opportunity for a good lifestyle without a lot of financial strain, according to International Living. The country offers a low cost of living with many benefits such as warm, tropical weather and a variety of natural resources, from beaches to jungles and densely populated cities dotted with beautiful colonial architecture. As of 2015, Ecuador still uses the U.S. dollar as its currency, meaning financial transactions are simple for former citizens of the United States who have decided to live out their retirement years in a South American country.

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Ecuador's affordable cost of living is a major draw for retirees, and the country offers a variety of public support programs for senior citizens, including discounts on public transportation, as reported by NBC News. Another financial consideration that appeals to older residents is the fact that health care in Ecuador is much more affordable than it is in the United States. This affordability does not sacrifice medical quality, meaning Ecuadorean health care offers great value.

Financial considerations aside, Ecuador is also a great option for families to come visit their retired relatives. There are many direct flight routes from major American cities into Quito, Ecuador's largest city. Additionally, the country's rich natural resources offer a variety of tourist attractions and outdoor activities.

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