What Is a Lifestyle Consultant?

A lifestyle consultant is an independent personal service contractor hired to improve clients' lives in specific areas. Lifestyle consultants can assist clients in fitness, relationships, wardrobe, nutrition and more areas. However, since the title is so broad, these consultants can advise their clients in just about anything.

In the age of entrepreneurship, many individuals look for ways to make money as experts in a particular field. Many of these consultants start by banking on the areas on which they're already familiar to give themselves a head start. While, on the other hand, many others get their start by learning a new profession, becoming an expert and advising someone else.

The reason these consultants are so successful is because there's a large market for experts. Many people around the world want to hire people who can advise and assist in an area with which they are unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Moreover, these consultants easily end up as more than hired hands. Lifestyle consultants often become good friends with their clients. This relationship generates referrals and long-term clients.

Furthermore, what makes these consultants so effective is their expertise. Although the standard employee at a department store doesn't cost anything, he's less likely to have the answers and advice that a lifestyle consultant possesses.