Where Are Lifeline Screenings Conducted?


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Lifeline partners with churches, medical professionals and other organizations to provide screenings at hundreds of locations across the country. Using the "Locations" link on Lifeline's website, users can search screening locations in their area. In large, metropolitan areas, the options are plentiful.

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The vast majority of screening centers are churches that volunteer their facilities to house the trained professionals who administer the health screenings. These screenings are held periodically at predetermined dates and times at each respective facility; however, there are generally enough centers in any given area that there is a nearby screening almost every day.

Screening packages come in three different varieties based on the wants and needs of the individual being screened. The basic package is named the Complete Wellness Package and comes with tests for artery disease, osteoporosis and aneurysm. The second tier package includes every test conducted in the first, but adds an atrial fibrillation exam to test for susceptibility to stroke and heart conditions. The full package tests for all of the above and adds a healthy life assessment, complete lipid panel and a blood sugar test to determine risk of diabetes. Each of these tests is designed by a panel of doctors and administered by health professionals to help prevent major health problems in the future.

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