How Do You Get Life Insurance Quotes Online?

How Do You Get Life Insurance Quotes Online?

To get life insurance quotes online, visit the website of an insurance provider, fill in the requested information and submit the application. Term life insurance policies are the easiest type to understand, as noted by GEICO.

To receive an online life insurance quote through GEICO via Life Quotes, Inc., follow these steps as noted by GEICO.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Type into a browser and press enter.

  3. Navigate to the life insurance section
  4. Hover the mouse cursor over Get a Quote near the top of the screen. On the upper right of the screen, look for Other and hover over it with the cursor. Click on Life.

  5. Read the information and begin the quote process
  6. Review the information on the main life insurance screen. Users have the option of reviewing multiple quotes and choosing coverage limits for policies, states GEICO. Enter a ZIP code and click Start Quote.

  7. Fill in the required information
  8. Fill in the fields with the necessary information, such as desired coverage amount, birthdate, height, weight and gender. Those who take prescription medications or have pre-existing medical conditions must fill out additional information, such as health and lifestyle questions. Complete all fields and click on View Instant Quotes.

  9. View results
  10. Review the quote results, which include monthly rates. Insurance is available in two categories: with or without a medical exam. Click on View Plan for more details about a particular plan.

  11. Fill out information and proceed
  12. Choose a plan and fill out the requested information to continue and view the plan. Customers have the option to request an application online or by phone.