What Life Insurance Products Does Paul Revere Offer?


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Colonial Paul Revere insurance company offers life insurance products that people can tailor to their individual needs, such as marriage, home buying and starting a family, as its official website explains. As people's lives change over time, they can change the their policies to accommodate those changes.

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Life insurance is necessary for family members to pay a number of different bills and costs if something happens to another member of their family, according to Colonial Paul Revere. Things such as paying final expenses, funeral costs and medical bills as well as paying of debts, car loans and credit cards, can be accomplished with the proceeds from life insurance. Life insurance proceeds may also be used to provide for the lost income that family members depended on for everyday living expenses and help to pay future expenses, such as college tuition for surviving children.

Colonial Paul Revere also has a number of other insurance products. The company offers accident insurance products, hospital confinement indemnity insurance, specified disease for cancer insurance and specified disease for critical illness insurance. Disability insurance is also available through Colonial Paul Revere, and it pays for things such as mortgage or rent, groceries, travel expenses and credit card bills when people become disabled, as the company's website explains.

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