What Life Insurance Plans Does AIG Offer?

What Life Insurance Plans Does AIG Offer?

The American Insurance Group offers several life insurance plans to customers, including Term, Quality of Life and Index Universal Life Insurance. AIG also offers Universal, Variable Universal and AG Whole Life Insurance.

AIG's Term Life Insurance plan insures the policyholder for an allotted amount of time. A term can range from 10 to 30 years depending on the policy and the holder's insurance needs. This plan is typically an affordable insurance plan.

The Quality of Life insurance product allows owners to leverage this policy to cover retirement, longer life expectancy or serious illness expenses. This plan offers flexibility, and if its owners choose not to use any of the benefits, their beneficiaries receive the full plan coverage amount.

The Universal, Index Universal and Variable Universal plans allow policy owners the option to adjust the death benefits, vary the amount or frequency of premium payments, or build cash value in separate investment packages. The Universal plan provides a range of premium payment options. The Index Universal plan offers the opportunity to adjust credits based on performances on financial indices, such as the S&P 500. In addition to offering owners flexible premiums and death benefits, Variable Universal plans allow separate investment options.

Finally, AG Whole Life Insurance provides policyholders life insurance coverage for their whole lives.