How Do You Get a License for Office Cleaning?


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Obtain a license for an office cleaning business by contacting your county clerk or tax department to file for a general business license. Determine whether there is a need for any additional licenses, such as a vendor's license or a state-specific cleaning company license. The requirements for such licenses vary between states, with most requiring submission of an application, proof of insurance and payment of an application fee.

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In many cases, an office cleaning company only needs to obtain a general business licence in order to begin operations, which involves registering the organization with the tax office or clerk's office for the county in which it holds its primary office. Since the business involves a service rather than the production or sale of goods, some states may also require proof of liability insurance as part of the application process. If you are registering the business as a separate company, rather than as a sole proprietorship, you may also need to apply for a "Doing Business As" name in order to appropriately track the company for taxation purposes.

Some states may also require you to apply for a vendor's license, which depends on the classification guidelines in that area. Similarly, the state or county may have a separate classification of license for cleaning businesses, which can carry its own additional requirements. These can include proof of compliance with safety rules or restrictions on using specific cleaning products.

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