Is a License Needed to Clean Houses Professionally?


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A license is not required to clean houses and offices professionally. However, it is important to become bonded and insured, and a good idea to register a business name.

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Although being licensed is not required for cleaning houses professionally, it is always a good idea to do whatever is necessary to make the business more professional. Becoming licensed and insured is always a great step in the right direction, as more people will be willing to hire someone that has a license and has insurance in case something is broken or stolen. As well as becoming licensed and insured, a cleaning company can become bonded, as well. This carries another notch of professionalism that looks better on the company as it is a guarantee that employees are bonded for anything that might end up broken or missing.

By accomplishing these things, a company can get better ratings and can even apply to be registered with the Better Business Bureau. This carries a certain peace of mind with it for customers that the company is professional enough to be registered with the BBB. This is like a guarantee that if something ends up missing or broken, or if the company doesn't do a good enough cleaning job, the customer can report them to the Better Business Bureau to have the company investigated for business practices.

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