How Do You Get a License to Be a Handyman?


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To get a licence to be a handyman, apply for a licensing exam, sit for and excel in the exam, and then present the application and pay fees as needed to either the contracting board or state agency. Include a document stating your experience with the application letter.

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There are various kinds of contractor licenses including carpentry, masonry, general building, general engineering and others. A high-level contractor may have to pay a relatively large amount of money to obtain a license. In order to qualify for the general contractor licensing exam, get an experience of at least four years in a construction-related field. However, to obtain a licensing exam for a specialized construction work, ensure that you have experience for at least four years.

The requirements of getting a handyman license may differ from state to state. As of May 2015, California requires any handyman with working resources that cost more than $500 to $1,000 to have a license. Wisconsin requires all workers in the construction industry to own licenses.

Education may be a prerequisite for a person to obtain a handyman's license. Classes in either construction management or technology may help a person when applying for the license. Educational qualifications for getting the licence vary, and certain specialized construction jobs may opt to train workers and still pay them.

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