How Do You Get a License to Become a Life and Health Insurance Agent?


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A life and health insurance license is obtained by passing your state's health and life insurance licensing exams. Review the licensing requirements for your state, complete pre-licensing coursework if required, study for the exam using appropriate materials, and take the exam according to your state's procedures.

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  1. Review the licensing requirements for your state

    Review your state's handbook for candidate licensing and determine pre-licensing requirements, instructions on how to register for your exam, locations where the exam can be taken, exam fees, what to bring to the exam, and requirements for passing the exam.

  2. Complete pre-licensing coursework if required by your state

    Follow the pre-licensing requirements outlined in your state's handbook for candidate licensing. Some states require candidates to attend a state-approved licensing course for a certain number of hours. Others allow candidates to attend a class or take a correspondence course. Some states have no pre-licensing requirements.

  3. Study for the exam

    If you are taking a pre-licensing course, study the materials provided by your school. If you are not taking a pre-licensing course, refer to your state's handbook for candidate licensing for study material recommendations.

  4. Take exam

    Take the exam according to the procedures outlined in the handbook for candidate licensing.

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