How Do You Get a Letter Postmarked From the North Pole?

letter-postmarked-north-pole Credit: Erik Dreyer/Stone/Getty Images

To have a holiday card or letter postmarked from the North Pole, one sends an envelope with the correct postage and recipient address inside a larger self-addressed, stamped envelope to the North Pole Holiday Cancelation Center in Anchorage, Alaska. The post office provides this service at no charge other than the cost of postage.

One may choose to send several holiday cards in a larger package to the North Pole post office. In order to ensure timely delivery, it is essential the envelope or package leave one's home a minimum of 15 days before the desired delivery date. The Anchorage Post Office receives thousands of requests for this service annually.

This service does not offer letters from Santa. However, a volunteer organization in North Pole does respond to such letters. In addition, there are other organizations in towns with holiday names offering the letter from Santa service at no cost.

North Pole is a suburb of Anchorage. Many of the streets in the city have holiday names. The residents celebrate the holidays with parades, fireworks and many other special activities. Visitors to North Pole have the opportunity to visit the official Santa Claus House. Santa and his reindeer are there for photo opportunities all year.