What Does a Letter for an Outstanding Payment Typically Include?

A letter for an outstanding payment typically includes a copy of the original bill with the word Reminder stamped on it, a highlighted new amount due with late charges or interest, the due date, the account number, and the business address where the billed party should sent payment, according to Sample-Resignation-Letters.com. The sender should also enclose a stamped or unstamped envelope for payment.

The body of the letter should focus on the serious consequences that result from non-payment, notes Sample-Resignation-Letters.com. These differ by company, but they may include termination of the account, repossession of goods and legal action. If the company considers legal action, it should send the letter for outstanding payment by certified mail so the sender has proof of the date and proof of receipt. The sender should also mention all forms of payment that are acceptable.

The tone of the letter must be professional rather than judgmental, in case the payment is overdue because of issues beyond the customer's control, such as illness, loss of employment, accident or death, explains Sample-Resignation-Letter.com. The writer can mention that the company values the customer's business and ask for an explanation as to why the payment is late. Using a polite, businesslike tone in the letter is a more efficient method for getting the customer to send the overdue payment.