What Is Lessor's Risk Insurance?


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Lessor insurance is a financial product that protects owners of buildings that lease space for retail, warehousing, office or personal use, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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Lessor's risk insurance protects the owner of rental property from lawsuits and other forms of damage, reports Owen Pearson in an article on the Houston Chronicle's website. Real estate owners benefit from a lessor insurance policy by shielding themselves from legal action by their lessees or by a client of a lessee who experiences any type of physical or property damage while in the owner's space.

This form of insurance enables its policy holders to choose coverage criteria that determine the maximum amount the insurer will be obligated for in a single case. Once this maximum amount has been reached, the policy holder is responsible for the remaining amount. It is important to note that providers of lessor insurance do not work directly with customers. Instead, a customer works with a broker or agent who specializes in this type of insurance vehicle. In addition, to be eligible for such a policy, a candidate usually must lease out an entire building or occupy no more than 25 percent of a designated space for his personal or business use, Pearson said.

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