What Does a Lesson Plan Template Look Like?


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A lesson plan template broken down into in-depth lessons for each subject and includes sections for class warm-up activities, review of the previous lesson, objectives for the current lesson, new material to cover, and guided practice or activity based on the new material. The end of the template includes a time for quick review and a homework assignment. Each section has a time allotment.

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What Does a Lesson Plan Template Look Like?
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Lesson plan templates for elementary, middle and high school levels are very similar in structure, but elementary teachers typically teach most of the day's subjects, whereas a middle or high school teacher specializes in one or two subject types. This means the elementary template reflects any time differences or correlations between subjects. Each elementary subject taught uses a separate template that includes the class objective, new material to cover, direct instruction, class activity and student assessment.

In special education, teachers need a template for each student that includes both content learning goals and behavioral objectives. Sections added to these templates include behavior documentation and education plans that address the student's disorder or disability. Another exception to typical lesson plans is classes for English language learners. Templates for these classes include content and specialized goals, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. For example, the speaking section includes the number of new words spoken each day, while the reading section includes comprehension goals for a particular number of sentences or phrases.

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