Which Lenses Are Covered by an EyeMed Insurance Plan?


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The lenses covered by EyeMed are separated into to two categories, namely, progressive and anti-reflective lenses. Both categories have standard and premium types of lenses. A number of different manufactures fall into different tiers. EyeMed can change the extent to which these lenses are covered at any time.

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Progressive lenses, also known as non-bifocal lenses, are used in the correction presbyopia. The premium progressive lens cover is divided into four tiers while the standard has none. The premium progressive lens is pricier than the standard lens. The premium lens can be totally customized and offers clearer vision that is less distorted.

The anti-reflective coating is also known as anti-glare coating. Eyemed has divided the premium coating cover into three tiers; the standard coating has no tiers. Different types of coating and methods of application determine the type of lens created. Anti-reflective coated lenses improve vision by allowing more light to enter into the eye. Improved vision means the eyes are not as easily tired or strained. This is because the coating reduces the light that is reflected by the lens. Anti-reflective lenses can also have coating added to stop smudges from forming and steam from accumulating. This makes these lenses easier to clean.

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