What Are Some Legitimate Ways Investors Recommend for Getting Rich Fast?


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Several ways investors recommend to get rich quickly include starting your own business, investing in a property to improve and eventually sell, investing in stocks or owning a rental property, according to InvestorGuide.com. Another method is designing a new product and earning money through selling your product to a licensee who markets and sells said product or an assignee to whom you permanently sell ownership of your product.

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Creating a viral video to make money through YouTube advertising and renting out your home for use as a movie set are some nontraditional methods for getting rich quickly, reports InvestorGuide.com. You might have a certain area of expertise, or maybe you have an interesting life story to share with others. If so, you could self-publish and sell a book.

Stock investing is the best way to get rich, claims The Motley Fool. One wealth-building method is to focus on stocks known to steadily increase dividend payouts over time, because they prove that they can survive hard times in their industries without causing their shareholders to lose rewards. Another promising investment method is to focus on innovative companies that are creating new products and services likely to become very popular. Lastly, investors recommend contributing to your 401(k), especially if you work for an employer who matches your contributions. With this method, you can contribute up to $18,000 a year and have a lower tax bill.

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